Thursday, 5 February 2015


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Yoga has been an off and on part of my life since my student days in Toronto - when the focus was getting the posture right and holding it - ignoring the pain - but at 18, nothing really hurts...  After moving here I did stuff on my own (using the book 'Light on Yoga' as a guide). From time to time different people gave classes. What I like now about yoga is it helps keep my balance in check - and tabs on my range of motion.  What I really like about Bermalva's class is the pacing and that every week has different postures. It is also a really good workout - I can 'feel' it the next day - in a good way - now the focus is 'you decide what is right for you'.  And I like that you have been describing more about what is going on. And it is a really great group of people that come to class every Friday.
Certainly for senior citizens the focus on balance is very important - we are one slip away from losing our mobility - and that would change everything.
- LS

I have been interested in some type of exercise or another for the biggest part of my life.  During my working years, I had joined many gyms and attended on an on again off again basis.  Just didn’t find the right combination for me.  Then I read about the benefits of yoga and became intrigued as to what it could do for me.  After attending Bermalva's classes I was hooked!  What a wonderful workout for the mind and body .  This is what I had been looking for all along. Her classes provide stimulation for the mind and body combined in one class.  Each week there are different poses that target different areas of the body which keeps me coming back for more. 
 - L B

I have tried many times over the years to integrate some kind of physical exercise routine into my daily life.  I prefer individual exercise such as speed walking, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing rather than a membership to a gym.  Although I always have good intentions, I find it hard to keep up the momentum and stick with it.
 I suppose, like many people, I believed yoga was not really exercise, until I decided to investigate it.  It was following a neck and shoulder injury that a physiotherapist suggested that I try yoga.  I saw your classes advertised and decided to give it a shot.  It was so very rewarding in so many aspects that I got hooked.  Yoga is in fact very much a work out that can, at times, make one put on a good sweat. But beyond that, Yoga has taught me to breathe better and to relax, made me so much more flexible and showed me how to become aware of, and listen to, my body, all the while challenging me to always try to go a little further, at my own speed.
 Mostly however, it is the calm and the peace within that yoga brings me that helps me face the hustle of everyday life that I find most satisfying.
 Thank you for your kindness and devotion to your classes.  

- N F